2016-2019: Suba Old Testament
Suba Old Testament project commenced. Tachoni, Sengwer and Kabaras New Testament projects commenced. Rendille New Testament was launched and dedicated, Giryama and Tharaka full Bibles were launched and dedicated. The Samburu New Testament was launched and dedicated. The BTL 2019-2023 strategic plan was launched.

2011 – 2015: Marakwet Old Testament
Suba New Testament was published. Ruiru Strategic Plan 2011-2015 was launched. First complete Bible launched – The Sabaot Bible. Marakwet Old Testament Commenced. Tugen, Chonyi and Upper Pokomo Language Programmes commenced. Taveta and Chuka Language Programmes commenced. The Daasanach New Testament was launched and dedicated.

2005 – 2010 Samburu & Ilchamus
Samburu & Ilchamus commenced. Digo New Testament was published. Marakwet New Testament was published. October 2010 – change of leadership. Mundara moved on to Wycliffe Global Alliance and Peter Munguti took over.

1999 – 2004: Duruma New Testament
Direct secondment to BTL of Wycliffe members started. Duruma New Testament published. Tharaka New Testament published. UNESCO recognition of the literacy activities of BTL. 2012 and 2025 Goals were prepared. Change of Leadership. Micah Amukobole retired and Mundara Muturi took over. Giryama New Testament was published.

1994 – 1999: Ruiru Centre Started
Ruiru Centre started operating and providing services. Boni (Aweer) language programme was commenced. BTL became an Affiliate of Wycliffe Bible Translators International. BTL published the New Testament in Sabaot. Management Review of BTL was carried out.

1977 – 1982: Our story
SIL commenced work in Kenya with a socio-linguistic survey of the country. On March 4th, 1981, BTL was registered with the government as “a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital”. Translation work commenced on the Sabaot & Rendille languages. Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) & BTL signed the first Co-operative agreement.

1988 – 1993: Endo (Marakwet) and Daasanach language
Endo (Marakwet) and Daasanach language programs commenced. Construction of the East African Translation Centre was completed. In November 1983 the first CEO was appointed – Rev. Micah Amukobole. Pokomo language programme commenced. Orma language programme commenced. Duruma and Digo language programs commenced. Literacy work in Borana language commenced (Translation of whole Bible in Borana had been completed in 1985 by Bible Society Kenya.) WBT & BTL signed second agreement.