Daasanach Bible Translation

The Daasanach are found around the area north of Lake Turkana in Marsabit County. Sometimes they are referred to as Merille. They are Cushites and they number to about 12,530 people, according to the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census. They are pastoralists, though a few grow millet along the banks of the Omo River.

Those who grow millet do not have metal implements, but rather use sticks to plant and weed the ground. The Daasanach often eat one meal a day, usually consisting of milk and sorghum, and sometimes meat. Most of the existing population can be found in Ileret Village, a remote outpost on the Eastern shore of Lake Turkana and north of Sibiloi National Park.The Daasanach project began in 1983. On 20th September 2014, after 33years the Daasanach New Testament was dedicated in a colour ceremony in Ileret.


      1. Ksh. 90,000 will support a community reviewers workshops
      2. Ksh. 50,000 per month will support the salary cost of a translator
      3. Ksh. 70,000 will support the printing of a portion/book of the New Testament
      4. Ksh. 55,000 will support a one week consultancy checking session
      5. Ksh. 60,000 will support in printing of alphabet charts/literacy