Complete Giryama Bible launched and dedicated on 6th April 2019

The Giryama, also called Giriama or Agiryama, are one of the nine coastal tribes known as Mijikenda. The Giryama are the largest of the Mijikenda tribes and they number to 751,531 people according to the 2009 Kenya Population and Housing Census.

They inhabit a large portion of Kilifi County, which is to the north of the other Mijikenda peoples. The Giryama mostly practice agriculture and they also trade with other communities.

Work in Giryama began in 1989; the Giryama New Testament was dedicated on 18th December 2004 and Complete Bible launched and dedicated on 6th April 2019.

Praise God for the availability of Scriptures in the Giryama language. Pray for spiritual growth among the Giryama people by the Word that they now have and their lives be transformed by the grace of God as they interact with the Scriptures.

You can watch the dedication video here: