Mission in Literacy

To facilitate social and economic development through the provision of literacy skills. BTL believes that learning to read boosts practical, social and spiritual values of the development process for marginalized people groups. Target groups BTL’s focus is the less resourced language groups in Kenya characterized by low literacy levels, harsh climatic conditions and poorly developed infrastructure. We work through Partnerships BTL seeks to work in active partnership with agencies that share a common concern for the welfare of those who suffer the most from the effects of illiteracy and poverty. Our partners include: the local community, churches/church groups, the Ministry of Education through Kenya Institute of Education (KIE), the Directorate of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) and the local District Education offices. BTL also seeks to partner with NGOs involved in education and development, universities involved in linguistics and language development as well as other international organizations such as SIL, Wycliffe Organizations and UNESCO.

BTL Literacy Strategy Through the Center for Literacy and Language Development (CELLADEV) BTL’s aim is to facilitate partnership, networking and collaboration among literacy stakeholders so as to facilitate the implementation of sustainable literacy programmes in the community. Literacy transforms When people acquire literacy skills for learning and development, they move from being


Functional adult literacy programmes BTL’s adult functional literacy programme develops instructional materials in mother tongue and facilitates training teachers and starting of adult literacy classes in these communities. In 2003, BTL was recognized by UNESCO for its literacy practices. It was awarded a trophy by the Directorate of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) for three consecutive years as the NGO with the best literacy programmes.

Empowerment of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs)

In 2005, BTL initiated a new literacy strategy under the umbrella of CELLADEV (Centre for Literacy and Language Development). BTL assists Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and religious groups to integrate their goals with mother tongue literacy. BTL’s goal is to establish a system where local communities get the capacity to continue with language development and literacy initiatives. BTL also assists Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and religious groups to integrate their income generation and self-development goals with literacy.

Mother Tongue Education programmes

BTL is involved in Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) through the implementation of Mother tongue education programmes in schools from preschool to standard three in accordance with the Language in Education policy. Mother Tongue learning and instructional materials (course books and supplementary) have been developed, evaluated and approved by the Kenya Institute of Education (K.I.E.).

Mother Tongue materials for HIV/AIDS programme

BTL has been implementing an HIV/AIDS awareness and response programme in a number of the communities where it works. This has been done through a translated story of an HIV/AIDS orphaned girl called Kande in the various languages. The aim is to help the communities respond to the challenge of HIV/AIDS and support those affected and infected.

Coronavirus Comic Books – NOT FOR SALE

BTL translators have translated Comic books for their communities. They are simple reads containing valuable information on Coronavirus. They also help the readers to master their local languages. Click on the language of interest below;