The Giryama Bible.

In Search Of A Giryama Bible

We were winding up Run For The Bibleless 2018 at Uhuru Gardens when I was referred to Agnes Furaha; she was at the Run to pick a copy of The Giryama Bible. “I am a Giryama and a business lady selling second hand clothes at the Gikomba market. My friend informed me that there were Giryama Bibles to be given out at Uhuru Gardens today. I woke up very early to pick my bales of clothes at the market so that I could get here in good time to pick the Giryama Bible. I have been searching for it but I have not succueeded in getting one and the only copy I had got lost.


My children attend a primary school here in Nairobi. I have in the past seen them with the sponsorship forms. I have always helped them raise the money because I see the word ‘Bibleless’ on the forms. I had never taken keen interest though my instinct would tell of a cause to win souls to Christ.”

Explaining to her what we are involved in as a Ministry, Furaha could not wait to purchase Run for the Bibleless t-shirts. “You have opened my eyes today. It is incredible how my community and I are beneficiaries of Bible Translation. From today, I am going to faithfully participate in future Run for the Bibleless events. I have a story to tell to others of the excellent work that BTL does for the small language groups in Kenya,” she concluded.

Within the few minutes I had interacted with Furaha, the stranger in search of the Giryama Bible was now a friend. Soon, God willing Furaha will be reading her copy of the complete Giryama Bible and ooh! whenever I need quality clothes, I give her a call. She will get me the best.

Caption:NCCK Deputy Secretary General, Rev. Dr. Nelson Makanda prays over the dummy of the soon to be completed Giryama Bible during the Run For The Bibleless 2018

by Daisy Kilel

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Emmy Rono, an advocate by profession and a partner of BTL

Scaling the Heights for the Bibleless

Emmy Rono, an advocate by profession and a partner of BTL, took a personal challenge to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro on Saturday 24th March in order to raise USD10, 000 to support the work of Bible Translation. She was in the company of 3 of her friends and managed to complete the hike on 31st March 2018. This is what she had to say when interviewed;

What inspired you to take this hike and why?

The hike was a challenge I always wanted to undertake, but I did not want to do it simply for the fun of it, so I waited until I finally had a good reason to do it… What inspired me; I once attended a dinner hosted by BTL for partners and potential partners, and listening to the stories of how the work of BTL was transforming communities challenged me. One particular story of how an old woman was able to listen to the audio Bible in her mother tongue astounded me. Perhaps I felt this way because I have seen the incredible transformative power of God’s Word in my own life and in the lives of friends and families around me. I knew then that it would be a privilege to support in any way, the amazing work done by BTL among small language communities. The fact that an institution can enable people to hear/read the living Word of God in their mother tongue is priceless! This was my inspiration to finally hike Mt. Kilimanjaro.

What was your experience as you climbed the mountain?

Climbing the mountain was thrilling, challenging and fun. It required a lot of patience, resilience and discipline. Going as a team was a good motivation as we encouraged each other along the way. I cannot stress enough the kind of support we received from the guides, the porters and the cooks, who made the experience worthwhile. Every step counted, so we kept walking even when we were extremely tired, one-step at a time, until we reached Uhuru. The prayers of many also restrained the weather, which eased our climb, as the weather was not as harsh as is usually the case on Kilimanjaro. All the encouragement and prayers from friends and family made all the difference. BTL is grateful to God for ministry friends like Emmy and the zeal that they have towards ensuring that the Bibleless communities in Kenya get God’s word in their language.

(Photo Caption” From left to right: Nyambura Karita, Peter Okaalet Jr., Benjamin Nge’no and Emmy Rono at the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park)

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