By Irine Kosgei – Sengwer translator

Before the inception of Bible translation in the Sengwer/Cherang’any language, I was very concerned about how my age mates and their children lived. In the past when missionaries visited our community, many of them did not embrace the word of God. They were scared that the new religion would make their language extinct and therefore decided to hold on to their traditional and cultural practices.


No more generations will be lost The thought of my community perishing without the knowledge of Jesus disturbed me for quite some time until God one day showed up after numerous conversations with Him in prayer. He led me to BTL to translate His Word for my community. Before God called me into this Ministry, I used to wonder how my future would look like. My desire was to spend most of my retirement time evangelizing to my age mates but I did not how to.

I am grateful to BTL because I am not only translating God’s Word for my community but God is also refining me to be what I had dreamt of in my old age; no more generations will be lost because the word of God is here; in our own language.

Caption: Irine Kosgei, top right, during the Consultant checking of the Gospel of Matthew in the Sengwer/Cherang’any language