Teresia Rotich is an elderly lady from the Marakwet community. She usually holds a personal worship service every Sunday outside her house. One day, Rev. Paul Kanda a BTL translator from the community decided to pay her a visit at her home. During this visit Rev. Kanda realized that it had been difficult for Teresia to attend the usual Sunday services because she had been ailing. He also noted that for the past five years, she had been struggling to sing her favorite hymns and read the Scriptures due to her failing eyesight as a result of ageing.

It is for these reasons that Rev. Kanda presented her with the Marakwet audio Bible. Upon receiving the audio Bible, she was very grateful to God and to BTL. In her own words, listening to the audio Bible made her feel like she was attending church every day; the Marakwet audio Bible was like her pastor speaking to her. Since then, other elderly Marakwet ladies from her neighborhood join her to listen to the audio Bible at the Sunday service outside her home.

Together with these audio Bibles, the Marakwet team has been distributing the Book of Genesis in the Marakwet language which was completed and dedicated not long ago to aid the women to study God’s word together during their group meetings.