One hot afternoon in Korr, Rendille, I received a call from an unknown number but the voice was familiar. After the usual Rendille greetings, I noted that I was speaking with Hafare Arabolya to whom I had given the Rendille audio Bible and showed the Jesus film at his animal’s camp. On that particular day, he had called to appreciate the visit that I had paid to him and the gift of the Rendille audio Bible.

Not long after this call, I decided to visit him once again. When I got to his home, we sat down in the shade, together with his family members. He excitedly told me that they knew I told stories about Jesus.

“Will you teach us about Jesus?” they inquired in unison.

“We have heard some stories about Jesus on the radio,” they said, referring to the Rendille audio Bible I had a few weeks given to him. People in our village want to know more. We want more of these radios to teach us when you are not visiting with us, come to our home often and teach us about this wonderful person called Jesus.”

The interactions that I had with Hafare and his family raised more zeal in me to tell more of Jesus. It reminded me of the Gospel of Matthew 24:14, “And this gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come”.

The gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached to all so that Jesus can be worshiped in every language and in every nation. No single language can adequately express His worth; it will take people from every language on earth singing the name of Jesus before the choir of heaven can be complete.